What is Counseling, or Psychotherapy?

One definition states that "counseling …uses relationship skills to promote the client’s ability to deal with daily living issues associated with his or her emotional, cognitive or behavioral problems." "Therapy" is defined as having the "goal of ameliorating or reducing the symptoms … and promoting positive emotional cognitive and behavioral development." In other words "counseling' helps you cope with the way things are, while "therapy" helps make you better, even "curing" certain disorders.

With your therapist, you discuss your situation and decide which goals are realistic and desirable for you.

It is not my role as psychotherapist to define what kind of person you should be or tell you what you must do. We work to discover and unleash your own resources, to help find your own answers and make your own decisions. We can do short-term or long-term work, depending on your needs and preferences.

Privacy: You should expect information from your counseling sessions to be kept confidential. (Exceptions relating to reports of child abuse, or immediate danger to self or others will be discussed in your initial session). The right to maintain client privilege (confidentiality) has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

Insurance or managed care may compromise your privacy. So, I offer a sliding fee scale to make your psychotherapy as affordable as possible and avoid interference from "gatekeepers".

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